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Prenatal Thai Massage

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Prenatal Thai Massage is a healing system that nourishes moms-to-be as their bodies prepare for childbirth.

The rhythmic movements help to decrease physical and emotional stress. Recipients of often state improved mobility, as well as a more restful night’s sleep.
In my Prenatal Thai Massage courses and book, healing arts practitioners will learn to use their hands, feet, and knees to safely apply various techniques. The sessions are performed fully clothed on a mat on the floor.

Current Offerings:

Prenatal Thai Massage Courses

Massage therapists have the opportunity to earn CE Hours through the NCBTMB upon successful completion of the course(s). Check with your state’s licensing board to ensure eligibility.

Material is specifically intended for:

  • Yoga instructors, who want to offer bodywork to their students. Many of the techniques can be used as assists, or hands-on nurturing support, during yoga classes.
  • Thai bodyworkers who aim to keep the continuity of care when working with their regular clients. Learning Prenatal Thai Massage is a great way to support long-time clients through this important period in their lives.
  • Massage therapists who are ready to expand their prenatal massage knowledge base. While the routine in this book is performed on a mat, many of the techniques can be used on a massage table or chair. This allows more creativity and versatility in your practice.

Students will learn:

1: 60-Minute Prenatal Thai Massage Sequence
      Seated, Semi-Reclined, and Side-Lying Positions
2: Safety Precautions and Contraindications
3: Benefits of Prenatal Thai Massage
4: Sample Intake Questions
5: Bolstering and Prop Usage
6: Common Pregnancy-related Conditions

Check Out the Book Reviews

Prenatal Thai Massage: For Relaxation and Pain Relief is THE BEST Prenatal Bodywork book I have had. As Licensed Massage Therapist that specializes in Prenatal Massage for ten years and counting this book took my skills to the next level. I now consider myself a level III Prenatal Massage Therapist. I am so excited to add Prenatal Thai Massage to my toolbox of massage therapy skills to my practice as an option for my pregnant mommy clients. My moms-to-be love the yoga-like stretching with compression of the muscles and energy lines with hands and foot, forearm rolling, thumb pressure and joint movement. I am extremely excited that I invested in Vanessa’s book she shows that she is a very skilled and knowledgeable in Thai Massage and Prenatal Thai. Ellie Dukes, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Trinity Health & Wellness | Pennsylvania

What a wonderfully descriptive book! I almost felt like I was taking a class. I have had prenatal training but am pretty new to Thai Massage, so I appreciate the intro to Thai Massage in the beginning. Vanessa’s skilled methods for the mom to be truly exceeded my traditional prenatal massage training. These unique techniques stretch, massage, and restore the expecting mother. They prepare her not only for the big day but the journey along the way! I am excited to incorporate Prenatal Thai Massage into my practice! Nichole Lucier, B.S., LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Recoup Massage | Virginia

Very well-thought out and informed book on thai massage. As someone with very little knowledge on thai massage, I felt that I could keep up with the information. Also, as a Doula, I will be using many of the techniques and positioning with my clients and their partners for stretching and relieving pain. Iresha Picot-Wagner, M.Ed.

Social Worker and Doula, 52nd Street Doula | Pennsylvania

Rhonnie Hughes

Thai Bodyworker, New Zealand

About the Author & Instructor: Vanessa Hazzard

As a mother to a wonderful son, I know firsthand the emotional and physical toll pregnancy takes on the body. Every few weeks, you have a “new body”! Providing moms-to-be with massage and bodywork through these changes helps to ease stress during this sacred time. Over the past 12 years, I’ve had thousands of massage therapy clients from age 8 to 90 years old. I’ve been successful at addressing their acute and chronic pain, restricted mobility, and overall discomfort stemming from a variety of conditions, including pregnancy. I’ve worked with pregnant clients in every trimester, as well as addressing post-partum discomfort as the body adjusts after delivery. I specifically use Prenatal Thai Massage techniques with clients who are being introduced to positive touch and prefer not to disrobe.
Having studied in the United States and Chiang Mai, Thailand, I have over 1100 hours of massage therapy and Thai bodywork training combined. I enjoy seamlessly blending my eclectic body of knowledge, embracing both the science and soul of massage and bodywork.

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